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One of the most impressive things about cannabis is just how many different methods of application there are. There really is something for everyone, and while users who seek a potent psychoactive high will look for THC-packed products such as concentrates and edibles, medical users often prefer CBD products. One of the most interesting types of CBD products you can find today is hemp-derived CBD Topicals.

CBD Topicals are products which you apply directly to the body for the effects of CBD. Although they differ quite significantly in their use and effects from other CBD and cannabis products, they do have some great benefits which make them popular for use for certain symptoms. Here’s a guide to understanding hemp-derived CBD Topicals.

Understanding Hemp-Derived CBD Topicals

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Although you can find CBD in many strains of marijuana, it’s often extracted from hemp plants. Hemp is a strain of cannabis which contains high levels of CBD with low levels of THC, making it ideal to use for pure cannabidiol products.

There are many different kinds of CBD products available on the market today from CBD Oils to CBD Edibles. CBD Topicals offer an interesting and unique option which you use by direct application to the body. CBD Topicals come in many forms such as creams, balms, lotions, and even bath bombs. When applied to the body, the CBD is absorbed through the skin where it attaches to cannabinoid receptors to provide the effects of CBD.

CBD Topicals are fairly different from other CBD products as, although they do provide fast absorption of CBD, they only penetrate the skin and don’t reach the bloodstream. As such, they won’t provide any mental benefits but can still be particularly useful for certain symptoms. The lone exception is CBD Transdermal Patches which are applied to the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Why Use CBD Topicals

Why Use CBD Topicals?

Since CBD Topicals generally only provide localized benefits to the body, consumers may wonder why they should use them over other cannabidiol products. However, while CBD Topicals might not reach your brain, they can still be beneficial in a multitude of ways.

The most common use of CBD Topicals is to relieve pain. Since you can apply topicals directly to the affected area of the body, they act as a great natural pain-reliever. Much like products like icy hot, you can rub CBD directly into the area of your body where you’re experiencing pain or inflammation for fast-acting relief.

CBD Topicals can also be helpful for skin health. Research suggests that cannabidiol helps with various skin issues such as acne, dermatitis, and general skin inflammation due to the antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies even suggest that CBD can prevent skin-aging and give your skin a healthier and more youthful-looking appearance.

CBD Topicals vs. THC Topicals: Which Is Better?

Not all Topicals use CBD. You can also buy Cannabis Topicals infused with THC- the psychoactive component in cannabis. Both of these products have similar uses and, despite the differences between CBD and THC, the difference between CBD and THC Topicals isn’t that significant.

Interestingly, THC Topicals will not get you high. Since they don’t reach the bloodstream or the brain, they only provide therapeutic benefits to the area of the skin where they’re applied. In this sense, they’re very similar to CBD Topicals. However, THC Transdermal Patches can provide a mild and sustained high as THC from these patches will make its way into the bloodstream.

As for uses, both CBD and THC Topicals are generally used to relieve pain, inflammation, and skin problems. Some users may find that products such as CBD or THC Bath Bombs can also be naturally relaxing and helpful for stress. However, for the most part, these products provide physical relief without any mental benefits.

What Are The Drawbacks of CBD Topicals

What Are The Drawbacks of CBD Topicals?

Due to the high safety profile of CBD and the method of application, CBD Topicals are incredibly safe to use. You’re unlikely to experience any side effects whatsoever. There’s also no risk of psychoactive effects, addiction or overdose.

Studies commonly find that CBD can be used safely by humans with no health risks and no potential for abuse. Although side effects are occasionally reported, these are limited to things like nausea, diarrhea, and changes in mood or appetite. What’s more, these effects are uncommon and usually caused by other CBD products which are ingested orally or sublingually.

CBD won’t get you high and you can use as much as you want without any risk of addiction or overdose. Research shows that CBD is safe both in low and high quantities, so you can apply as much you want. CBD Topicals are arguably even safer than other products as they don’t reach the bloodstream, but all CBD products are very risk-free.

Where To Buy Hemp-Derived CBD Topicals

You can now find CBD Topicals in cannabis and hemp stores, as well as buying them online. offers a range of cannabis topicals including both THC and CBD Topicals. All of these products are safe, legal, and available for countrywide delivery.

For a simple and convenient CBD Topical, try the 300mg CBD Cooling Stick. All you need to do is rub it directly into your body for fast-acting effects. In addition to containing 300mg, it also contains menthol for extra soothing effects.

Alternatively, you may want to use CBD 20mg Patches. Apply these to an area of your skin surrounded by veins, such as your wrist, to absorb CBD into your skin and your bloodstream. Patches are ideal for providing long-lasting relief. You can also buy CBD 40mg Patches.

Where To Buy Hemp-Derived CBD Topicals


Hemp-derived CBD Topicals are one of the most interesting cannabidiol products you can use. You can apply them directly to your skin in the area where you’re experiencing pain or inflammation for fast-acting relief. They’re safe, convenient, and provide a unique and effective way to apply CBD. You can now find CBD Topicals in many stores or buy CBD Topicals online for extra convenience.

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