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Cannabis Concentrates are often preferred by users who want stronger psychoactive effects than regular weed. There are many popular forms of concentrates such as Shatter, Hash, and Wax, but some which often confuse users are Resin, Live Resin, and Rosin. So what’s the difference between Resin and Rosin?

Although these products are similar in name and give you high levels of THC, they’re vastly different. While Resin is the substance which grows on marijuana, Live Resin is a different kind of extract, as is Rosin. It’s easy to get mixed up between these products if you don’t know about them, so here’s a guide to the differences between Resin and Rosin and which you should choose. 

What’s Resin?

Resin is the sticky, brown substance which can be found all over marijuana flower. They’re excreted through trichomes, so marijuana strains which are high in trichomes often produce higher levels of resin. Resin is where you’ll find most of the THC in marijuana. In other words, it’s the part which gives you marijuana’s potent psychoactive effects.

It’s extracted and used in many different ways. For instance, when the resin from marijuana is pressed together, it can form solid, brick-like blocks of Hash. However, Resin can also be found in various kinds of cannabis concentrates which are made using a variety of extraction processes.

Some users extract resin from marijuana simply by rolling their hands over marijuana buds and rolling the resin on their hands together. When you grind weed, you’re often left with dusty resin particles known as kief. You can add resin to a bowl or joint to produce stronger effects, although it’s mainly used to create stronger concentrates.

What’s Live Resin

What’s Live Resin?

Not to be confused with regular resin, Live Resin is a highly potent kind of cannabis concentrate involving a complicated extraction process. Before Live Resin can be extracted, marijuana buds are frozen to retain the cannabinoid and terpenoid content. It comes in a soft and pliable amber form, making it easy to scoop up and use in a vaporizer, add to a joint or use with a dab rig. 

Live Resin is extracted from these frozen plants using specialist lab equipment, resulting in one of the strongest concentrates on the market. The benefit of Live Resin is that it retains much more of the cannabinoids and terpenes than other kinds of concentrates. Not only are these concentrates incredibly strong, but they also pack a ton of flavor.

Although users will find it difficult to make Live Resin on their own, you can buy Live Resin online. It’s harder to come across than popular concentrates like Shatter and Hash, but users in search of a pure and potent concentrate can still find plenty of strains of high-quality Live Resin. It can be used in many ways, and Live Resin will give you particularly powerful effects due to its high THC and terpene content.

What’s Rosin?

Despite the similar name, Rosin concentrates are different from Resin and Live Resin. Rosin extracts are made by applying a high amount of heat and pressure to marijuana to create a simple and effective concentrate. It looks similar to Shatter and offers similarly strong effects with concentrated levels of THC.

While most concentrates are made using solvent-based extraction processes, Rosin requires nothing but heat and pressure. Equipment is used to heat marijuana flower product and extract a high-THC amber substance that’s great for use in a vaporizer, dab rig or to add to a joint or bowl.

Interestingly, you can even make Rosin at home. Some users make their own Rosin using household tools such as a hair straightener and some parchment paper to apply enough heat and pressure to extract Rosin. It can be made out of any kind of marijuana strain and offers a very potent high.

What’s Rosin

Where To Buy Resin and Rosin

While Resin is easy enough to extract by hand, the best way to get Live Resin or Rosin is to buy them online. offers a wide range of high-quality cannabis concentrates available for delivery across Canada, including Live Resin and Rosin. Here are some of the best products to check out.

Rockstar Premium Rosin – Rockstar is an indica-dominant strain made by crossing Sensi Star and Rockbud. It’s known for its intense, euphoric effects, giving you both an uplifting head high and deeply relaxing body high. In Rosin form, Rockstar is even more potent with THC levels of 71-73%. You’ll also get a ton of flavor from this high-quality Rosin product.

Citrus Haze Premium Rosin – Citrus Haze is a sativa-dominant strain which gives you a rapid and invigorating head rush, instantly making you feel happy, energetic, and focused with heightened senses. The strain itself is known for its delicious citrus taste, and using it in Rosin form will bring out the flavor and effects in full force.

God Berry Live Resin – If you’re looking for a potent Live Resin product, try out this God Berry Live Resin. With THC levels of 90%, you can get an extremely potent high with just a small dab. God Berry is a perfectly balanced strain that mixes Blueberry and God strains to create a hybrid with great indica and sativa effects. It’ll give you a sensational head high and a soothing body high, all with a sweet, fruity flavor that’s a joy to inhale.

K1 Live Resin – With THC levels of 90% and an amazingly flavorful terpenoid profile, this award-winning Live Resin strain is a great choice for users who want high-quality concentrates. K1 is a rare sativa-dominant strain that delivers a happy, giggly, and social high. It also helps soothe your body and provides relief for all kinds of symptoms.


Although they’re similar in name and both boast high THC levels, there’s a fair bit of difference between Resin and Rosin. While Resin is easy to extract directly from marijuana flower, Rosin is a strong concentrate with high THC levels made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis. Live Resin is another kind of product which requires an intense extraction process for an incredibly pure and potent cannabis concentrate.

You can now buy these products online, along with a whole range of other cannabis concentrates. For those who want something different, you can also buy cannabis strains, edibles, tinctures, and various other high-quality cannabis products from

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