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Cannabis Indica plants produce dense and sticky nugs which grow around the plant nodes in clusters. They come in a range of smells and flavors including skunk, pine, hash, earth, or fruity flavors. Our highest rated and hardest hitting Indica plants are ranked as AAAAA and they go all the way down to AA for a more value based indica flower meant for patients with lower tolerances. See our selection of indica and indica dominant strains below. We created an Indica guide below for those who would like to understand more about the specific Indica qualities and this can be found below our featured Indica products…

Those who are new to cannabis may be unaware that there are two primary strains of the marijuana plant – sativa and Indica – however, there are many differences between the two. These differences are not only in their appearance or the way that they grow, but also in the effect that they produce on the body when consumed. Marijuana is one of the world’s oldest crops, its cultivation dating back over 6000 years. Although sativa was discovered and named first, in 1753, Indica’s discovery came hot on its heels in 1783.

Indica originated in the Middle East, in the Hindu Kush mountains. Having grown in a much more hostile, rocky environment, the Indica plant has developed several unique characteristics. To stay protected from the harsh conditions in which it developed in places such as Morocco, India and Afghanistan, cannabis Indica produces resin, which is an organic, sticky substance that is packed with cannabinoids. It is for this reason that Indicas are extremely potent and have been found to have a number of medicinal benefits including in pain relief, appetite stimulation and muscle relaxation.

This herb has come a long way from its start. The growing acceptance of cannabis worldwide has reached a scale it has never done so before. Thanks to the masses globally accepting marijuana into law, the advancement of technology for cannabis has been flourishing. We created this Indica guide for those who would like to understand more about its medical healing properties.

Indica Definition

Unlike sativas, which are narrow and tall, Indica strains are usually wider, shorter and growing to a height of around 2 to 6 feet on average. They also produce a lower yield of around 1.5oz to 2.5oz per plan. Indicas are generally also more potent than sativas. The Indica strain of cannabis is known for being a good sleep aid and body high.

Indicas are often chosen as the plants of choice by growers who cultivate their crop indoors since they do not tend to grow to a great height. They also grow quite quickly, flowering within 8-12 weeks, meaning that cannabis farmers and cultivators can see rapid results.

Cannabis Indica plants produce dense and sticky nugs which grow around the plant nodes in clusters. They come in a range of smells and flavors including skunk, pine, hash, earth, or fruity flavors.

Indica strains commonly contain a terpene called alpha-pinene which is an organic compound that exists in sage and rosemary oils and in several pine tree species. Pinene is known to increase energy and mental focus, but it is also useful as an antiseptic, bronchodilator and expectorant.

Sativa And Indica Strain Names

One further way to tell the difference between sativa and Indica lineage is through the name of the strain. As Indica strains originally came from the Hindu Kush mountains, strains which feature the word “kush” in its name are usually primarily Indica. Conversely, strains which are primarily sativa dominant often have the word “haze” in their name. While this is one Indicator, it isn’t a fail-safe method of determining whether a strain is an Indica or sativa. There are now so many strains available that many of the names give no Indication as to their origin.

Indica vs Sativa High

Although sativas usually have an uplifting and euphoric effect on the body when consumed, Indicas are better known for their sedative effect, as well as their muscle relaxing and and pain-relieving properties. Indica strains have a similar effect to an analgesic. The reason for this is that Indica strains usually have a higher CBD (cannabidiol) level than sativas and this means that the effect they produce is concentrated more heavily in the legs and body. The Indica high that they produce is often called “being stoned” and is very different from the head high which people experience when they medicate with a sativa strain.

Best Indica Strains

There are several Indica marijuana strains which have proven to be extremely popular among users. However, the top seller of all time is a strain which is known as Granddaddy Purple (otherwise known as GDP). First introduced back in 2003, this strain is a well known Indica cross that is a mix of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. A Canadian staple, Granddaddy Purple has a wonderful berry and grape aroma which it inherited from Purple Urkle and a compact yet oversized bud structure inherited from its Big Bud parent. GDP’s flowers are a deep purple shade while its resin is a white dusting. Granddaddy Purple has a very potent effect which affects both the body and mind to deliver both physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. Similar to other heavy Indica strains, it is useful in combating stress, pain, appetite loss, muscle spasms and insomnia. GDP strains produce huge yields which are ready to harvest in just 60 days of flowering indoors.

One of the top-selling varieties in Canada this year has been Purple Punch. This Indica dominant strain has been produced by breeding the most popular Indica strain of all time, Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG, to create a variety that is known for its powerful sedating properties. Laden with trichomes, Purple Punch has a delicious sweet aroma which is a blend of blueberry muffins, Kool-Aid and grape candy, and its potency means that it is an excellent choice for medicinal use. This dessert strain is ideal for use after dinner, with effects that could be beneficial in managing stress, nausea, insomnia and body aches.

We always recommend any our kushes, as they have a strong Indica Dominant Hybrid component which is comparable to these other two great strains. We offer free shipping on all cannabis orders $99.00 or more. We have many dominant Indica strains for sale available only to Canada residents. We have made buying weed online easy if you live in Canada. Look at our menu above for our current selection of Indica dominate cannabis products. Our menu is updating almost daily now, so make sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date with our latest selection of cannabis and concentrates for sale.

What Are The Medical Benefits Of Indica Strains?

Since Indica strains have a high level of CBD, they are perfect for anyone who needs to treat symptoms like muscle spasms, chronic pain, nausea, anxiety or sleep deprivation. They are useful in stimulating the appetite in those who are struggling to eat, so be prepared to get the munchies after smoking or vaping an Indica cannabis strain. Side effects from cannabis can include red eyes and dry mouth. These are very minor compare to pharmaceutical prescribed medicines given for the same ailments.

Sufferers of conditions such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, insomnia and sleep apnea often find great benefits from the effects of Indica strain cannabis. People who are being treated with chemotherapy for cancer find Indica strains especially beneficial in relieving the nausea and pain which so often appear as side effects.

The Differences Between Indica and Sativa

When looking at a cannabis plant, there are some clear ways to determine whether you are looking at an Indica or sativa strain.

Indica strains have the following traits:
• The plants are short
• They are bushy and feature wide leaves
• Indica plants are usually darker in color
• They often have a purple hue
• Their buds are firm and densely packed
• Indica grows more rapidly
• Indica strains has a higher yield than sativas
• Indica strains are usually high in CBD and low in THC

Indica strains have several medicinal benefits including:
• Muscle relaxation
• Mental relaxation
• Decreased nausea
• Decreased acute pain
• Increased dopamine
• Increased appetite
• Better for use at night

Sativa strains have the following traits:
• The plants are tall and thin
• The leaves are narrow
• Sativas are a paler green than Indicas
• Sativas grow and mature more slowly
• Sativas require more light to grow
• The bunds often have an orange or red hue
• Sativas tend to have long, wispy hairs
• The buds are loosely packed
• Sativa strains generally have a lower level of CBD and a higher count of THC

Sativa strains offer several medicinal benefits including:
• Anti-anxiety properties
• Anti-depressant properties
• Decreased chronic pain
• Increased creativity and focus
• Increased serotonin
• Better for use during the day