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Cannabis oil, the concentrated extract of marijuana leaves and flowers, has become increasingly popular to use both recreationally and medicinally. It’s made up of cannabinoids and terpenes that express various characteristics and produce many beneficial effects on users. So, whether it’s vaporized, taken orally in capsules, or added to edibles, cannabis seed oil can have versatile applications. Here are 9 reasons to use cannabis oil and how it can benefit your specific needs. 


1. Relieve Pain  

Medicinal marijuana has been a go-to alternative for traditional drug treatment and offers a natural way for the body to cope with different medical conditions, including chronic and acute pain. Cannabis oil with a higher CBD (Cannabidiol) concentration has been seen to reduce pain and inflammation. This is because the CBD compound is thought to interact with brain and nervous system receptors in a positive way that helps you deal with pain management. You can use cannabis oil to treat a range of pain, from acute muscle pain to chronic pain caused from multiple sclerosis and arthritis.     

2.. Treat Side Effects of Cancer  

Cannabis oil can come extremely handy in relieving symptoms caused by cancer and chemotherapy treatment. The marijuana concentrate can play an active role in managing pain in a multitude of ways. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, cannabis oil can be used to suppress feelings of nausea and vomiting caused by the treatment. It can also work to increase appetite for those who have lost their appetite from chemo’s side effects.  

Chemotherapy can also trigger neuropathic pain. CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabinoids found in cannabis oil have been linked to easing nerve pain. At the same time, CBD in cannabis oil can reduce swelling that some chemotherapy patients may experience. Aside from its physical benefits, oils can also help those with cancer patients cope with the emotional impact of having the disease. The compounds found within may help regulate and counter feelings of depression and anxiety. Some early research has also shown that the marijuana concentrate may have an impact on reducing tumor size—which is a major feat for anyone battling cancer.  

3. Fight Anxiety, Depression and Stress 

Feelings of stress and anxiety can be combatted with cannabis oil. The natural compounds within the marijuana extract work to relax the mind and improve mood. For anyone battling anxiety, depression or stress, cannabis seed oil could be the solution to emotional instability. Using it can bring a sense of calmness or relaxation and can help you carry on with your day without facing the barriers caused by emotional distress.  


4. Improve Sleep  

Whether you’re suffering from mild or major insomnia caused by stress, pain or anxiety, cannabis oil can be your answer to any sleep problems. By inducing relaxation both in your mind and body, cannabis oil can promote better, more restful, or undisturbed sleep. It’s important to note that the type of cannabinoids in your oil products may have different effects on sleep so you may want to experiment at first to find the right level of cannabis concentrations. For instance, cannabis oil with a higher amount of THC may have a higher potential of causing feelings of anxiousness. If anxiety is the root of your sleeping problems, you may want to avoid oils with high THC concentrations and opt for ones with more CBD.  

5. Calm Gastrointestinal Issues  

Research suggests that cannabis oil could have very positive benefits on those struggling with different gastrointestinal issues and diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease. This is because the THC and CBD compounds that make up the cannabis extract work to interact with the body’s cells to regulate its digestive and gut functions. The cannabinoids may block bad bacteria from penetrating intestinal lining to counter the negative impacts of gastrointestinal-related diseases. The CBD component found in cannabis oils can also work as an anti-inflammatory agent. So, for those suffering from intestinal inflammation, these oil extracts can help reduce inflammation in both the colon and small intestine. At the same time, cannabis oil can also mitigate the impact of Crohn’s disease on appetite. Cannabinoids can work with the body’s chemical receptors to regulate appetite and increase it when you lose the urge to eat. When cannabis oil is ingested the oral way, it’s also been seen to effectively treat chronic pain related to IBS.   

6. Reduce Acne  

Applying cannabis oil topically can also help prevent and fight acne from developing on your skin. CBD in cannabis oil holds anti-inflammatory properties that can work to treat acne and reduce the overproduction of sebum, which is the oil secreted by sebaceous glands in skin. Excess oil may clog pores, producing pimples, and when these sebaceous glands are regulated by CBD chemical compounds, it can put a stop to unwanted acne.  

7. Improve Heart Health  

If you’re suffering from poor circulation, high blood pressure or heart issues, cannabis oil can come to the rescue. It has the ability to lower high blood pressure, which directly reduces the potential for stroke, heart attack, and metabolic syndrome. CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety and stress also helps to lower overall blood pressure and it may also have antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation associated with heart disease.  

8. Combat Epilepsy  

The THC component of cannabis oils has been shown to have the ability to control convulsions and seizures experienced by epileptic patients. This can be especially good news since many conventional drugs fail to control this particular symptom of epilepsy.  

9. Improve Focus 

Using cannabis oil may help to improve your focus. For those suffering from attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactive disorder, cannabis seed oil has been seen to decrease symptoms. By reducing anxiety, increasing relaxation, and providing a sense of calm, clear-headedness, compounds in the oil may help pave the path to better focus.  

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