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Buy from Weed Dispensary Brampton Loves & Do These 10 Things

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Browntown. Bramladesh. Bramrock. B-Dot. B-Town. It’s common for Canadians to affectionately give (often many) nicknames for their cities. Nicknames given to the Canadian city of Brampton hone in on the fact that the city is a melting pot and a cultural and immigration hub, with most of its population being ethnically diverse and from another part of the world.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton is a good-sized city with a population of about 600,000. On any given day when you are searching for things to do in Brampton, you are going to notice that the city is largely home to many immigrants. This town sits to the west of Toronto and it’s a major economic sector in Canada and has experienced rapid population growth in recent years.

Thousands of families have found hope for a new life in this town. It’s provided a safe place of refuge for so many people from affected areas around the world to start a new life and raise their children in a calm, tranquil environment and friendly community.

Therefore, Brampton can be looked at as a place of peace, hope, rebirth, and life. If you plan on visiting Brampton while getting high, make sure you’re aware of the “ins and out” of smoking weed in Ontario.

Online Weed Dispensary Brampton Rules and Ontario Weed Laws

Buying and smoking weed in Canada for recreational purposes has been legal since the law went into effect on October 17, 2018. Each province makes its own official regulations over the sale, use, and purchase of cannabis.

When it comes to buying weed in Brampton, if you are age 19 or over, you can buy weed online through an authorized distributor or in person at a weed dispensary Brampton residents trust. For the official rules on buying cannabis in Brampton, click here to see the Ontario weed laws.

If you are planning on smoking weed while you’re checking out things to do in Brampton, be sure to keep the following considerations in mind about the public use of cannabis in Ontario:

Where You Can Smoke or Vape Cannabis in Ontario

Private residences not including any residences that are also workplaces, such as retirement homes or long-term care facilities
Many outdoor public places such as sidewalks and parks
Rooms in hotels and motels that are designated for smoking
Boats and vehicles that meet specific criteria such as whether they are parked, anchored, or if they have cooking or sleeping accommodations
Testing and scientific research facilities that require cannabis use for testing and scientific purposes
Controlled areas in:
– long-term care homes
– certain retirement homes
– residential hospices
– provincially-funded supportive housing
– designated psychiatric facilities or veterans’ facilities

Property owners, employers, lease agreements, and municipality by-laws may impose other restrictions as to where to smoke weed in the Ontario province, so always be mindful of your location and be smart about smoking weed in Canada.

Where You Cannot Vape or Smoke Weed in Ontario

Indoor common areas of apartment buildings and university/college residences
Enclosed public places or enclosed workplaces
Non-designated smoking rooms in hotels, motels, and inns
At school, on school grounds, or within 20 metres of these grounds
On playgrounds and public areas within 20 metres of playgrounds
In child care centres that provide early years programs
In places where childcare is provided – even when children are not present
– Within nine metres of the entrance or exit of:
– Hospitals (public and private)
– Psychiatric facilities
– Long-term care homes
– Independent health facilities
Outdoors grounds of hospitals (public and private) and psychiatric facilities
Non-controlled areas in long-term care homes, certain retirement homes, residential hospices, designated psychiatric or veterans’ facilities
Publicly-owned sports fields (doesn’t include golf courses), nearby spectator areas, and within 20 metres of these areas
Vehicles and boats that are being driven or while driving – (Check out the rules for cannabis and driving)
In restaurants or bar patios or within nine metres of a patio
Outdoor grounds of specified Ontario government office buildings
In the reserved areas for seating at entertainment and sports events
On grounds of community and recreational facilities and in public places within 20 metres of these grounds
In outdoor sheltered areas with a roof and more than two walls where people frequent, such as a bus shelter

If you still have any questions about the Ontario cannabis laws, be sure you visit the official page. Without further ado, here are ten things to do in Brampton while you’re high.

1. Get High and Visit Gage Park

Holding the title as Brampton’s oldest park, Gage Park has been opened year round ever since 1903. It’s well-known for its circular walkway which is turned into a skating rink (the ice donut) in the winter.

Smoking weed helps you to get in touch with nature and appreciate the simple things in life. After you get a nice cannabis buzz going on, you’re going to enjoy all the breathtaking scenery in this park which includes a gazebo, large trees, a fountain, and floral gardens.

If you are visiting Gage Park in the winter, you can rent the ice skates on-site and skate along the trail. If you visit the area any other time of year, you can jog, cycle, or in-line skate along the trail. If you are checking out things to do in Brampton in the summer, you can catch outdoor concerts at Gage Park all season long.

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2. Catch a Buzz and Play at Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto

Do you like to get high and enjoy water slides? Even if you’re not into water activities, there are other attractions at Wet ‘n’ Wild you’re bound to love, such as mini-golf. Grab some buddies and catch a nice strong cannabis buzz before checking out the Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto water park. If you want to make sure your high lasts for a long time, buy cannabis edibles online and eat them to get long-lasting, strong effects.

This water-based entertainment centre is conveniently located next to the Claireville Conservation Area. If you’re into water parks, you will definitely be impressed with this massive one that spans more than 100 acres. It hosts a variety of attractions, including:

– 15 water slides
– A wave pool
– A lazy river
– A four lane zip-line
– Two kids splash areas
– Mini-golf course
– Rock-climbing wall

If you check out the venue, be sure that you ride the “Big Tipper”. It’s the world’s only Double Tipping Bucket attraction. Also, be sure you check their website to see about any upcoming events during the time you visit, as they often host concerts, music festivals, and fitness training camps.

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3. Blaze Up Before Visiting the Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives (PAMA)

Marijuana is a beautiful thing. Seriously it is. When you catch a nice buzz on some Mary Jane, more pleasure can be found in everyday activities, especially those that interact heavily with your senses.

When it comes to viewing art, cannabis has the ability to enhance your respect and increase your appreciation of art by helping you hone in on the finer details. Buy weed online, and smoke a nice blunt of some kind bud before checking out this popular art gallery in Brampton.

Previously known as the Peel Heritage Complex, the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) is an art gallery and also, as the name states, an archive for the Regional Municipality of Peel. The centre is seriously huge, and each part of the museum is in a separate section — one for the exhibitions and one for the permanent collection. Bramptonians are responsible for the creation of some of the more than 4,000 works of art displayed in the permanent collection at the PAMA.

Get prehistoric when you check out the more than 12,000 artefacts in the museum that date all the way back to 4,000 BC. Municipal documents for the entire region of Peel are housed in the archives section of the museum.

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4. Get Absolutely Ripped and Hit a Zip Line or do a Treetop Walk

Occupying more than 169 hectares in the Etobicoke Creek watershed, the Heart Lake Conservation Area is a great place to get close to the outdoors and experience some extreme sports offered by Treetop Trekking Brampton.

Spark up a joint before you head to the Conservation Area to check out this excursion. This outdoor activity is definitely more fun the more people you have in a group, so get your adventurous stoner buddies together and hit up Treetop Trekking while you’re checking out things to do in Brampton.

Activities offered by Treetop Trekking include different treetop walks and zip lines. The staff members are super energetic and always willing to jump in and help out. Some zip lines and walking treks are quite challenging, so be sure to share your skill level with your instructor in order to be matched up to the right ones for you.

If you plan on visiting Brampton often, or if you are local to the area, it’s recommended to get a season pass to this place, as goers often call it addictive and recommend that you check out all five places.

If you’re the type of stoner that gets a little paranoid after you smoke weed, rest assured there’s no need to get nervous when it comes to the equipment and safety practices used by this company. It’s all solid and the safety gear is on point. People that visited Treetop Trekking with a fear of heights frequently commented that the safety measures put them at ease and helped them overcome that fear so that they could have a great time — and they did!

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5. Toke On Some Tree then Eat Brampton Food

Brampton maintains its own vibrant identity separate from the shadow of Toronto which it often occupies. One of the things that sets this town apart from others in Canada is its huge variety of unique and delicious cuisine from around the world.

Because there is such a heavy presence of people from all over the world in Brampton, many originating from distinct areas in Asia, the cuisine is varied and you will find restaurants showcasing different types of international platters, often on rotating menus. While there’s far too many to list them all, here are a few hot restaurants in Brampton:

Antica Osteria: this well-known restaurant is located just a short drive outside of the city, but it’s worth it! The Italian cuisine featured at this establishment is famous for being authentic with a special focus on using simple fresh ingredients, and allowing the flavours to speak for themselves.
Mandarin: although this is a chain of Chinese restaurants, the Mandarin located on Biscayne Crescent is known as the best and it’s a complete favourite for the locals of Brampton. If you’re into a good Chinese buffet, this one’s got it all, even prime rib and shrimp. The place is always clean, well-stocked, and meticulously maintained.
J. Red & Co: this hot spot is Brampton’s premier urban eatery that’s set in a modern space that was recently redesigned by a renowned design firm. This place has insanely good food served up in big portions to satisfy even the most intense case of the munchies. Customers rave about the creative menu and how it’s always changing with fresh new updates. Some of the more popular dishes at this Brampton restaurant include the Atlantic Salmon, wood-fired pizza, crab cakes, grilled shrimp, and fried oysters.

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6. Burn Out then Do Burnouts with Go-Karts at Formula Kartways

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Get stoned with a couple of friends before checking out the go-kart race tracks at Formula Kartways.

Before you laugh, these go-karts are no joke and they can achieve speeds up to 43 km/h as they race around this indoor course. People that visit the venue often compliment the adrenaline rush and remark about how fast these go-karts really are.

Not a newcomer to the block, this venue has been around for more than 20 years, and offers a great place for groups to come together. In addition to the go-karts you’ll find at this location, you will also discover arcade games and billiards to keep your stoner’s heart’s content.

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7. Bake Out and be a Beach Bum at Professor’s Lake

Ok, so to answer your first question, yes, there is a beach in Brampton! It’s beautiful, yet it’s actually a man made beach and positioned along the east side of the Professor’s Lake.

Created in 1973, Professor’s Lake is a 26-hectare artificial lake made out of what used to be a gravel pit and a quarry. The lake is now home for visitors who like to enjoy many different recreational activities, including:

– Fishing
– Windsurfing
– Sailing
– Paddle boats
– Water slides
– Kayaking
– Walking trails
– Canoeing

The beach at Professor’s Lake is a great place to hang out and enjoy your cannabis buzz. There you will find a recreation centre and a large dock. Bring along plenty of the weed you bought online, but follow the appropriate regulations in terms of public consumption of cannabis while you’re at Professor Lake.

8. Eat Cannabis Edibles then Head Out to Bramalea City Centre

If you want to achieve a nice strong cannabis buzz that won’t fade out quick, eat some cannabis edibles you bought online right before you head over to the largest shopping mall in Brampton, the Bramalea City Centre.

If you are a shopaholic, you are going to love the Bramalea City Centre, which happens to be the 7th largest shopping mall in all of Canada. More than 16 million visitors make it to the shopping centre annually. You could be one of those by stopping by while you’re checking out these fun things to do in Brampton.

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9. Visit the Stunning Cheltenham Badlands While You’re Blitzed on Cannabis

Located just outside of Brampton in Caledon are the Cheltenham Badlands. Poor farming practices of the 1930s led to the soil erosion that created this small area of badlands.

Eroded Queenston Shale can be found throughout the badlands, and it has a gorgeous grey and red colour to it. There are also some faint colour streaks of green running though it, which makes it a beautiful wonder of nature.

By HgwiazdaOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link)

10. Check Out the Nightlife in Brampton High on Cannabis

Like many other Canadian cities, when it comes to the night life scene, Brampton has a lot of options. While there are too many to name them all, here are three highly recommended night clubs or bars in Brampton you should check out while you’re high on cannabis.

52nd Street Tap and Grill: this is a popular venue which features special menus, sporting events, and it’s famous for its great tasting wings, burgers and steaks.
Green Leaf Vapour Lounge: referring to their club as the hottest joint in town, the Green Leaf Vapour Lounge is a great place to bring the weed you bought online and smoke out with some Brampton locals and make some new friends!
Up Yer Kilt Pub and Club: this unique Irish pub has put a modern spin on the traditional pub scene with high quality foods and a huge variety of drinks. Inside this club is clean and comfortable, and it’s a great hangout for guests looking to spend a night out in Brampton.

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