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250mg THC Mist Spray 10ml – Ease

(12 customer reviews)


When you purchase this product you will earn up to 370 Points
When you purchase this product you will earn up to 370 Points
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Ease - THC Mist Spray 250mg 10ml

Ease sublingual Spray takes the traditional tincture concept to a whole new level with our great tasting cannabis infused breath spray. Ease Spray gives you the freedom to dose as necessary anywhere you are, without worrying about the stigma traditionally associated with most cannabis products. Ease Spray is dosed a whopping 5 mg per spray allowing you to accurately medicate to a level that best suits your needs. Ease Sprays all natural formula of coconut extracts, terpenes, and cannabis extracts is free of alcohol, solvents or petro chemicals.
This product makes medicating on the go an Ease! With the All new Extra Strength Ease Shake n Spray!
SUBLINGUAL SPRAY BOTTLES DOSAGES  10 ml glass bottle 250mg of THC 50-60 sprays per bottle Ease Spray is available in 4 fantastic flavours Winter, Orange, Lemon Lime, Natural (unflavoured) and Vanilla (NEW FLAVOUR) Lemon Lime - a refreshing blend of lemon and lime that stimulates both the sweet & citrus taste buds. Winter - a true northern flavour for those who love that  exhilarating mix of eucalyptus and mint. Orange - derived from the sweet terpenes of Belize oranges giving you a fresh natural citrus taste. Natural - unflavoured Vanilla- Sweet creamy aromatic Vanilla, the icing on the cake. All Ease Hemp derived 250mg THC (10ml bottle) Sublingual Spray has 4 flavour options. Ease Spray has kept there activated ingredients (THC) uniquely separated with intention of allowing the person using the product to find a THC ration that best suits there own personal needs.

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Cinnamon, Lemon Lime, Natural, Orange, Vanilla, Winter

12 reviews for 250mg THC Mist Spray 10ml – Ease

  1. Urps (verified owner)

    I really like the orange flavoured spray. It’s quick to dose and very discrete. I took the label off the bottle and added my own custom made one, making it a “stealth breath spray”. If you are new to sprays I’d suggest buying the 125 mg first then buying the 250 mg one once you’re used to the distillate. I find I like the 250 mg spray and one spray is enough for some relief but it doesn’t make me stupid.

  2. Eastern Nana (verified owner)

    Awesomeness! Will definitely be buying this product again. Also especially like Juicey Jack and Jilly Bean buds. Great customer service too ?. Have a loyal customer here.

  3. Vincent Tremblay

    I started with 6 push. And 15 min later 6 again. And again 10 min later. I didn’t feel much so I decided to kickstart the process.So I smoked 1g of OG Diesel and went back on my couch to play Skyrim.
    No kidding I usually smoke 4 in the evening. Well last night, 1 was enough. The THC spray kept me high all evening.
    I bought these spray to give my poor lungs a break. Looks like its gonna work.

  4. Juanita

    Best quality and service. Always there to help.

  5. jason jolly

    The orange spray has a nice taste and the high lasts for hours..Deffently buying more

  6. Brandon Sheppard (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Doesn’t really taste like anything. That being said, it tastes far better than any other edible I’ve ever tried. High is really good stronger than I would of liked, but that’s because I felt like I could handle 5 sprays at once. Will buy again!

  7. dshahen (verified owner)

    I love the 250mg THC. The orange is my favourite flavour. It is a soft pleasing flavour. It is my preferred way of ingesting THC. 2 sprays work great for me when my pain is intolerable. I highly recommend it and recommend buying muliple units at a time, as I do, as it sells out quickly.

  8. khanSPIRACY (verified owner)

    Got a 125mg and 2 250mgs, all bottles had leaked oil when i got em. If your gonna buy these bottles be ready to message back for some sort of reimbursement and make sure you check all at once because I checked only one initially but then found out all three leaked, but was not able to be reimbursed on all products because all claims must be made at once. Also it is really weak, at least in my opinion I needed atleast 8-20 sprays to feel it

  9. (verified owner)

    If your an avid marijuana user these sprays have no effect on you whatsoever

  10. white_claudia (verified owner)

    Not bad. If you’re a frequent marijuana user with a relatively high tolerance then this stuff is pretty weak on its own. Took me about 25-30 sprays to get high. I think this spray serves as a good supplement when combined with something more potent. It has a sedative effect as well.

  11. Matt Hjorth (verified owner)

    Very handy when out and about, tastes great

  12. white_claudia (verified owner)

    No complaints about the product itself, but when I opened the package I noticed that the bottle had leaked some oil. The orange flavour tasted nice.

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